Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NERVA I Breakdown

Pool A: Pool A saw two Mass teams squaring off. It was a strong showing for Beantown Platinum as they rocked to their second place finish and a clinch of the gold bracket. Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, Smash 17’s were unable to secure a spot in gold as they finished in third place…just one spot from the gold bracket.

Pool B: Pool B had the similar scenario with Nor’East Red and Beantown Blue. Nor’East Red earned themselves two splits before a sweep on Beantown Blue earned them their second place finish and spot in the gold. As for Beantown Blue, A tough opening split for them opened up to how their day would go. I they finished up in 4th in their pool.

Pool C: Pool D saw three Mass teams squaring off to move into the gold. Of the three though, only one would move on. A newly structured Smash team showed of an incredible amount of talent and height as they cruised through pool play to the unbeaten number one finish. Rounding up the bottom of the pool were Nor’East Gold and Pioneer Valley. Nor’East showed the depth of their strong program as they competed and were just one step away all day. They will be a team to watch out for as it goes. Lastly, a new Pioneer Valley squad showed a struggle at the end of day one. With a group of strong athletes though, don’t turn too quickly off this team.

Pool D: Beantown worked out to show that they are back on the top tier of teams. They cruised through pool play on their way to the gold bracket. Both Sudbury and Western Mass opened up their season with a tough stretch as they rounded out the bottom of Pool D.

Pool E: Pool E saw another three Mass teams square off. A quick 2-0 start before a tough battle with Blast earned Mass Mayhem a spot in the gold bracket. Nor’East White and Smash 4 struggled early in the day before they square off against each other in a battle for third and fourth.

Pool F: Pool F saw two of their three Mass teams reach the gold. Nor’East 18’s Black showed off strength of Lawrence High as they rocked to an undefeated 1st place finish. Right behind them finished Smash 2 as their only loss came at the hands of Nor’East Black. Western Mass Black looked like they have some work to do. They struggled as their only win came at the feet of Husky 3.

Silver Bracket Wrap up: Unfortunately, I was not able to see much of the Silver bracket, but I did hear that Smash 17’s were able to come away with the championship win after a 25-21 win over Nor’East Gold.

Gold Bracket Breakdown: In first round play, Mass Mayhem, Nor’East Red and Beantown Platinum saw their days come to end in close fights. Smash 2 had a tough fight in them, but slipped at the end at the hands of Beantown Black in the quarter-finals. Three of the four Semi-finalists were Mass teams as Smash 1 faced off against Nor’East Black and Beantown Black faced off against Husky 1. Despite strong pushes by Nor’East Black, Smash 1 showed more depth and were able to make it to the final game. On the other side, it was a battle of outsides, the saw Beantown’s day come to an abrupt end. In the championship game, Smash’s depth again made them a handful for the Husky 1 team. Smash is our 18’s NERVA I Champions!

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