Thursday, November 28, 2013

Accomplishments (11/28)

Here is what we have been able to accomplish so far:


1st - Created Twitter page
5th - Created MBHSVB Blog
13th-14th - First ever Bay State coverage
28th - Created Facebook page


3rd - First Top-25 of 2014 released
13th-15th - College Coach Directory release
16th - One Program Movement started
26th - Created Mass Boys' High School Volleyball Website
26th - Released new logo


3rd-8th - All-Star/All-State Teams released
23rd - First live coverage of a girls' game - One Program


6th - Provide 1st ever coverage of Beantown's Fall Ball
11th - First video Q & A
23rd - Created Instagram page
24th - Created Ask.Fm page
28th - Created live radio feed


12th - High School Coach Directory release
22nd-29th - Opinion Week

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