Monday, October 3, 2016



Masspike Volleyball Camp:
For boys, Masspike runs a number of camps for all different level players. The players are taught how to improve their fundamentals, as well as work to become better all around players. With a great staff of coaches, these camps have something for every player.

Smash Volleyball Camps:
Smash has a great chance for players to improve their individual skills. They run three separate weeks of training (Setters, attackers and defense and passing). This will help players in their respective area. Smash has always been known for great coaches and running great programs. If you are interested in sharpening your selective skills, this is something to check out.

Beantown Bounce Volleyball Academy:
Beantown Volleyball Club offers a great camp to help players refine their skills and learn more about the game. They receive great coaching from, former Albanian National Team Coach, Peter Suxho, as well as a great all around staff. It runs from July 14th through the 18th from 9 AM to 2:30 PM at Newton South High School. It costs $325.

Western Mass Skills and Drills:
Western Mass VBC runs a camp that focuses on the mechanics behind a player’s skills. They focus on the techniques that help a player bring their game to the next level. It is one of the only chances that players have to play out west. This camp costs just $75 and begins June 15th.

Springfield College Boys' Volleyball School:
The Springfield College men’s volleyball team offers a great camp. It is run by head coach Charlie Sullivan and is a 5 day overnight or commuter camp. It takes place at Springfield College and is open to boys entering 7th – 12th. They have 10 full courts and a 6:1 players to coaches ratio. It costs $440 for overnight stay and $390 for the commuters.


Open Gym:
Throughout the summer, M-Plex Courts in Mansfield will be running open gyms on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7-10 PM. This will allow players to come in and get reps and play at a competition level of their choice.

Beach Tournaments:
All summer long you can find plenty of beaches to play atBlue Fish Bowl and Spike University are the two most frequently played places by Mass HS players. Beach allows players to improve their verticals and movement. It is harder to move in the sand and this causes tension to help players. The bad part about beach is that there are different rules and this can cause players to pick up bad habits.

Bay State Games:
Open to all sections of the state, the Bay State games are the top way to play during the summer. Bay States splits the state into 6 sections; Northeast, Southeast, Central, West, Coastal and Metro. You practice with your team, and meet up for 1 weekend of play. Teams play round robin style on day 1 and early morning of day 2. Teams are then ranked. The last places teams play in a win or go home playoff. The winner moves into the bracket and teams play bracket style, win or go home, best of 3 games. All those who play receive and jacket and tee shirt. Top 3 teams also receive medals. It is the top level of play that players can face in the summer.

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