Thursday, July 18, 2013

2011 State Championship

With a “you know we are here” attitude, Lincoln-Sudbury entered the Hudson high school gym and quickly made their presence known. A rowdy crowd of warrior faithful joined soon after. With one state championship win already under the belt of some of these warriors, they were not intimidated by the play of the Haverhill Hillies. Haverhill was not the most intimidating team to look at, nor were they the hardest hitting team in the state, but with smart game play and a good defense, anchored by the block of sophomore Tommy Oliveira, the Hillies were able to win games, plain and simple. After losing 3-2 to Framingham in their opening game of the year, Lincoln-Sudbury has a lot to prove.

Breaking it out early was LS as they swooped up game 1 25-20. After settling in, Haverhill was able to bounce back to take the second set 25-18. The Hillies rolled in the 2nd game and seemed to be on another level. However, after trading points to make the game tied at 10-10, the warriors went on an 11-3 run. A Kristian Catalan free ball to an open spot gave LS the 25-16 win and the 2-1 lead. After the 3rd game, the warriors were on a roll. The jumped out 18-13 on the Hillies and made it look all, but over. However, we were not done yet. Great front row play by Oliveira allowed Haverhill to join in the game. Now down 24-22, they were able to win the next 3 points and take their first lead of the 4th set at 25-24. A solid front row allowed Haverhill to dominate the second half of the game and force a 5th game. With all momentum on their side, Haverhill shot quickly out of the gate to a 5-0 lead to force a Lincoln-Sudbury timeout. Solid back and forth game play put the score up 13-10 Haverhill. Clenching to the lead throughout, Haverhill did not have enough in the tank to finish after LS took their first lead at 16-15. Brett Pettis had the last opportunity for the Hillies, but could not keep it in and Lincoln-Sudbury went on to take the 17-15 win and the 2011 state championship.

Lincoln-Sudbury was part of the past 4 state championships and took two of them. They received great play from seniors Thomas Houpt, with 11 kills and an incredible 20 digs, and Ned Donaldson, with 12 kills. Meanwhile on the other side, Brett Pettis lead the Haverhill team with 12 kills, but Tommy Oliveira was player of the game for the Hillies with his 10 kills and 10 blocks.

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