Thursday, July 18, 2013

2010 State Championship

A sea of blue filled the Chicopee Comp side as the undefeated Colts were ready to take on the Red and Blue from Natick. Two stellar offenses were about to go head to head. When you sit back and watch this game and think about the players on both sides, it is crazy to realize that neither team was favored to win the state championship. Standing at 6’9 and holding his commitment letter to Ohio State, Andrew Lutz was ready to take his team all the way. However, fate was not on his side. Natick had the privilege of facing the All-Star lead line-up. A gruesome scene arose when down went Lutz with a broken leg. Throughout the hard fought battle though, Natick came out. They improved to 19-1 and were ready to take on, possibly, the best-rounded team.   A mindset change though for the Colts took place a few days before. After losing Ryan Seifert to a sprained ankle before last season’s state semi-final game, the Colts did not have enough to take down Prep. Now with their roster full and revenge on their minds, they were shocked by the outcome. Now they have to face a tall and athletic Natick team who, I at least thought, was a lot more rounded.

The match was set and the atmosphere was just right for a state championship game.  Even though it was quite a hike from Chicopee, it seemed like they were right at home in Hudson. The Colts jumped right out early to a 9-1 lead. After that, Natick settled in, but it was way too late as Comp cruised right on through to win the first game 25-17. However, after a push put them up, Comp relaxed and allowed Natick to come back in and take the second game 25-19. Now Natick was rolling, but Comp battled back in game 3. Natick and Comp went back and forth before the Colts pulled away 25-20 at the end. Now down 2-1, Natick was facing elimination and second place. In one of the most exciting sets I have seen in the past few years, Natick pushed and back and forth play went on. Neither team led by more than 4 in the set, but Natick showed a little more heart as they forced game 5 and won 28-26. High-flying Comp team showed off their strength in the 5th set after trading the first few point to be up 4-3, Comp went on a 5-0 run. Natick battled back to put it at 13-11, but a missed serve, followed by a Seifert kill gave the Colts the 15-11 victory in game 5.

Comp had done it! Finishing the season at 23-0, the Colts brought home the school’s first state championship since the 1988 women’s basketball team. Natick finished out the year at 19-2. Ryan Seifert was the player of the game though as he raked in 21 kills for the Colts. Natick got great play from Steve Brown with 15 kills.

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